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Victory Print & Poster

Victory Print& Poster- Winning since 2010!

The star of the Victory shop is our 1950-ish Line-o-scribe Sign Machine. Creating custom hand printed materials is an afternoon of fun with this great machine. We have an assortment of fonts, sizes and offer custom lino-cut graphics as well.

Danilson Family Farms is a big fan of letterpress! I took a couple of classes about letterpress at the Pratt Fine Art Center last year. The following summer I was the amazingly lucky recipient of my Line-o-scribe machine in the form of a birthday gift (thank you Dad!).

In my classes at Pratt we used Platen-Type presses. Which have the advantage of producing crisp printing quickly, but the disadvantages of taking up a large footprint, needing a forklift to be moved and finger removal if you don’t pay attention.

The Line-o-scribe is a flat-bed cylinder press. It is slower to use, but fits nicely in the shop space we have and is safe and fun for anyone to use. My machine came with a great teal metal cabinet with drawers of type, a drying rack, built-in lights and layout board space. It is perfect and I look forward to printing promotional materials for farm events for years and years to come.

Line-o-scribe layout space with print bed below

Work you might have seen from Victory Print& Poster: Burning Beast Team Buffalo Menu (Summer 2010), Danilson Family Farms Ciderbee Guest Cards (Fall 2010), Danilson Family Farms Christmas Box Cards (Winter 2010).

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